Weird facts from history – Strange Facts but true

This site has many interesting stories that contain many wonderful strange facts but true and weird facts from history. And I love a good story! Stories from the news, history or old folk tales are passed down through generations. If that tale has twists and turns then I find it absolutely fascinating there are so many unusual stories that have weird facts from history and nature that we just don’t know about. 

If you’re like me, then you hate being bored and that little bit of quirky knowledge is enough to excite the brain.

As a kid, I used to pour over these strange facts books all the time. Now with the internet, there’s just no end to the resources we can use to find these interesting facts.

The stories on this site will dive into the fine details of the narrative, everything from unusual historical figures to interesting facts about animals to anything that catches my eye in the news!

Odd Places

There are a lot of interesting places in the world.  Some are far away from everything. Some have a peculiar fact that makes them stand out. Many places have been abandoned. As much as I loved to travel, I’d never been able to see them all. I do love to read about them.

Who would have guessed that they built a giant refrigerator in the Arctic?  

One of my favorite strange facts but true stories is that there is a US Navy ship sitting in North Korea!

Weird facts from history

To be honest in school I would find history rather boring. Once I started studying it in my on my own it was a world of difference. Finding all the little nuances and interesting little things can turn the story around. There are wonderful historical events that they never teach you about in the halls of learning!

The fact that the story Booth saved Lincoln is true! At least once you know the qualifiers of the story! It is little tidbits like this that will stick with you. A few Japanese soldiers fought for 40 years after the war actually ended! I thought it was just something that they made up for Gilligan’s Island.

For some reason, school lessons omitted amazing historical strange facts but true stories like the fact that someone drove a bulldozer through the White House!

weird facts from history
Us Navy Ship in North Korea

Strange facts but true about television

One of the television show that I loved so much as a kid was Little House on the Prairie. They actually made a lot of changes from the true story. There are a lot of interesting facts that I think have made the show a lot better.

Did you know that Aunt Bee actually moved to North Carolina?

strange but true facts about television
Aunt Bee
Old photo of St Kildan meeting

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