Japanese Volcano Island Village

The Volcano Village Island

Photo is distributed by Geospatial Information Authority of Japan

Japan’s smallest village

  With only a population of 170, it is the smallest village in Japan.  There is only one postal address to this island and the postal worker delivers based on the name of the individual.  

How to Get There

There is no direct transport from the main island of Japan to Aogashima. To travel to Aogashima you’ll first need to go to Hachijojima (which is 43 miles away from Aogashima) and then take a helicopter or ship.

  There is no restaurant on the island, but there are two Japanese bars. Islanders use stills to make a local alcohol Shochu (30% proof!) from sweet potato called “Aochu”

Shohu Still – By Amn22 at English Wikipedia Public Domain